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Start a New Dental Assistant Career

Looking for a new job? Do you want a new career that is fulfilling and pays well? Then start your new dental assistant career today. Changing careers is a decision that does not come easy but we’re determined to make the transition as smooth as possible. Find out what our students say down below…
New Dental Assistant Career


Nicole M. says “This program was so amazing and fun, I can’t even think of it as school. Melani and Tiffany are great teachers and really work with you to understand the material completely. Dr. Bigus and all of his staff are super friendly and know how to make you feel like part of the team. It was a short three months but I have more knowledge, confidence, and new friendships!”

Our student Rachel N. wrote: “I had an excellent experience. The instructors are very informative and know how to have fun. They are very patient and very understanding. They helped me feel like I can do this. This place is a great place to learn how to become a dental assistant.”

Are you ready to start a new dental assistant career? Take advantage of this great opportunity and get a spot in our next dental assisting class before it fills up… Email or call (970) 372-4252 today!

Dr. Paul Bigus

Dental Assisting Job Training

Are you looking for a career, not just a job? Our recent graduates Melani, Juana, Emi, Abby, Brittney were and now they have completed dental assisting job training and are starting a great new career.

Dental Assisting Job Training

Did you know that dental assistants – especially the dependable, well trained dental assistants, from the Dental Assistant School of Colorado – are highly sought after? After only 13-weeks of training in our program with our top-certified instructor, you will be ready to become a dental assistant.

If you are ready to visit the other side and gain the knowledge and training you need to become one of the best dental assistants out there, give us an Email or call (970) 372-4252 today! Class size is limited so hurry now!!

Dr. Paul Bigus

Dental Assistant Job Offer Halfway Through School

Dental Assistant Job Offer Halfway Through School! … I started at Dental Assistant School of Colorado in September 2017. I had been a stay-at-home mom for the last 4 1/2 years and my son was getting ready to enter kindergarten. I had the opportunity to start a brand new career. I was so nervous for my first day of class but the instructors, Tiffany and Sarah were beyond kind and made all of us feel comfortable and answered all our questions and concerns.

dental assistant job offerI have loved every class! Tiffany and Sarah have been great instructors so informative, helpful and very knowledgeable. When it came time for our internships I had gone to a pediatric dental office and was offered a job halfway through school!

I am thankful for Dental Assistant School of Colorado for giving me the knowledge and encouragement I needed to go out in a new career and get a job before graduation. I would recommend the school to everyone I am actually sad it’s almost over but so excited for everyone’s future!

– says Abby C.

Dental Assistant Job Opportunities before Graduation

Dental Assistant Job OpportunitiesI cannot Rave enough about my education and experience at this school. During the short 13-week class I’ve been offered two potential job opportunities before I even graduated! As a single mother of a toddler this course was perfect for my schedule. Allowing me time with my son, time to study, attend classes, complete my internship hours, work and still enjoy some free time. The perfect combination.

I would also implore other single mothers looking for a career change to explore this option. The low cost and 13-week program has now allows me a second career, one that will support myself & my son.

Tiffany and Sarah are more then instructors to me. They Are my educators, my strength, my backbone, constant support, my friends beyond the work environment and I owe my education and all of my knowledge to them. For they have given me everything I need as a dental assistant in the real world.

– says Danielle R.

Wonderful school with wonderful people

Wonderful schoolWonderful school with wonderful people! In just 13 weeks I was able to learn all that was necessary to be a Certified Dental Assistant. Small class sizes enabled me to get lots of hands on experience and to have all my questions answered.

Sarah and Tiffany were both amazing teachers who made the material easy to understand and were both so willing to go above and beyond in helping me learn. I’ve learned so much from this program and would recommend to anyone interested in dental assisting to apply.

– says Christina R.

Awesome Dental Assistant Instructors

Getting to work along side Dr. Bigus sure added to the learning experience. He was patient and helpful during procedures.

Tiffany, Sarah, and Melani are awesome dental assistant instructors. Each come with their own set of tips and teaching skill which I can take with me in my dental assistant career.

Rhonda the receptionist, she was kind and easy to talk to as well!

A BIG thank you to everyone at the school!

– says Shaena A.

Dental Assistant Job Offer After Graduation

Dental Assistant JobI had an awesome experience as a student. Tiffany and Sarah are amazing teachers and made it a fun experience for me. I’m very excited to start my career as a Dental Assistant.

I was done with school and a couple days after graduation I got a dental assistant job offer. 🙂 Thank you to both of them and Dental Assistant School of Colorado!

– says Cintia A.

Graduated the Program With a Job

Graduated the Program With a JobTiffany and Sarah are absolutely amazing! Everything at the school is hands-on learning and the small classes make it that much easier to learn. Each instructor has different teaching techniques and “tips of the trade” that really prepares you for real life experiences. I graduated the program with a job to go to and couldn’t be more happier with my experience! Thank you Dental Assistant School of Colorado!

– says Ashala P.