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Dental Assistant – Advantages of This Great Career

What are the advantages of choosing a career as a Dental Assistant?


There are many advantages to pursuing a career assisting in the dental field…

A career as a Dental Assistant gives you the advantage of a high job security. Studies show that this career is among the top 25 fastest growing jobs in the US.  According to the United States Labor Bureau, people working in this field earn a gross annual income of about $34,500 USD on average and some higher end Dental Assistants even make over $47,000 USD per year.

This school makes it is easy to acquire this type of position because you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money enrolling classes at a state college or university. In fact, our trade school offers a short 13-week combined with an internship to quickly earn the states certification while learning in an on-the-job environment.

Dental Assistants have the opportunity to work in a professional environment-controlled dental office. Some dentists have their own dental office and some settings, too, exist wherein a group of dentists shares a single office. Often these offices are very small with a handful of, for the most part, friendly employees, and generally the working atmosphere is very pleasant.

Dental Assistants can develop a range of skills working in this kind of job. The assistant performs some common core responsibilities in this field of work, but job duties may also vary according to each office’s needs.

There are a lot of benefits in choosing to become a Dental Assistant. You can develop a wide set of transferable skills, earn a respectable income, as well as gain much satisfaction from doing this kind of work working in an overall pleasant environment.

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Dr. Paul Bigus