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Root Canal Process and Your Dental Assistant

Have you ever wondered what a root canal process is? Have you also thought why is a dental assistant checking the patient instead of the dentist? A dental assistant will check your the patient’s mouth during this process to see how serious the damaged area really is. They will also check for infection of the area because if left unchecked infection can cause swelling and is painful.

Root Canal Process

So how much time does it take for a root canal? Well, that depends on how much damage to the tooth has been done. Normally this process is done in a single visit. There are cases though that will take more than one visit.

If the root canal process does take longer than a single visit it is usually because the patient is in need of a special restoration, a crown, or a complication has occurred. When the process is spread over multiple days, the first day is when the dental assistant will check the damaged area and start the cleaning process. It isn’t until the second day that the actual procedure is done.

The normal single day approach is the most popular. The dental assistant will often help the patient schedule schedule enough time to complete the procedure.

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Dental Assisting Career – Perfect Choice?

Choosing a dental assisting career means that you can find a job anywhere in the United States. Dental Assistant jobs are recession-proof since everyone has to have dental work done no matter what the economy looks like.

Dental Assisting Career

Our classes to qualify you for a Dental Assisting Career are direct and straight to the point, no messing around! The program teaches everything from impressions, crowns, instruments etc. Students are attentive and loving every minute of the hands-on experience. We couldn’t be happier with our students, they are all exceptional !

Participants in our program are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn the language of dental assisting.

Working in a dental office is considered one of the most rewarding jobs because of the professional work environment, the challenge and variety of daily tasks, and meeting new patients while knowing that you are helping them. The pay is great with most offices offering good benefits.

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A Dental Assistant Career has many Advantages

dental assistant

The dentistry industry offers a lot of career choices. However, the dental assistant job is one of those in highest demand in the industry. This career choice is one that is recognized; it offers a combination of practical and interpersonal skills.

In the next several years, the demand for dental assistants is expected to increase by 30%. This percentage exceeds the expected growth rate for most of other careers. The following are some reasons why people choose this industry, instead of others.

Surroundings for Work are Excellent

Have you ever worked outdoors under the simmering summer heat? Or worked in the service for food where it is necessary for you to be inside in a kitchen area that is cluttered and hot?

It is important to consider the working environment when choosing a career. Many people find that the work of a dental assistant in a dental clinic has great surroundings.

Dental offices have sufficient light and are uncluttered, with appropriate equipment and furniture. The environment is friendly and comfortable.

Career Opportunities are Very Good

If you are considering a different career, it is helpful to check the career opportunities in that industry. If you are educated as a dental assistant, you become part of an industry which is anticipated to grow.

This is indicated in the Occupational Outlook Handbook that is published by U.S. Department Labor. The rate of growth that is expected for this career, is much more faster in comparison to the average rate for all the jobs listed in the handbook.

The Salary is Excellent

Another benefit of choosing a dental assistant career is that you can earn a rewarding income. Salaries range among $22,000 each year starting to an experienced dental assistant earning $44,000 or more every year.

Many Possibilities are Present for a Dental Assistant

Many students realize that the career of a dental assistant offers many new possibilities for them. Attending trade school is a great way of starting into this as a different career. Some choose to work in dental assisting while others opt to begin as an assistant before moving on to another career.

It is possible for dental assistants to get higher training and become dental hygienists. On the other hand, they can even strive to become office managers. If you choose this career, then consider being part of a learning program that concentrates on the career. Make sure that the educational institution has a good reputation with an internship.

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Dental Assistant Graduates

Congratulations to our latest group of dental assistant graduates! It is an honor to have you as graduates of our program. The Dental Assistant School of Colorado is here to help you make a career change.

Grab this opportunity to get qualified for a recession-proof career along with great pay by becoming a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Graduates

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Dental Assistant Career – Is It For You?

Are you ready for a career that is recession proof? Are you tired of jobs that don’t have great pay? Are you ready for financial freedom? If so then you are ready for a dental assistant career.


A dental assistant helps perform many tasks in a dental office. Some of the procedures that a dental assistant helps on are the following:
– Dental Crowns
– Fillings and repairs
– Bridges and implants
– Teeth whitening
– Root canals

The Dental Assistant School of Colorado can help you become a dental assistant. Take control of your life and gain the perfect career. Check out our dental assistant school reviews.

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Dental Assistant Salary – Career In Demand

In the dentistry industry, a lot of career options are available. But, dental assistants are one specialty that is in the most demand. It is a career selection which is established and provides a mix of dental skill application and personal interaction. In the coming seven years, the demand for dental assisting is anticipated to rise by 30%; which surpasses the projected level of demand for the majority of other careers. Below are some reasons for selecting a career in dentistry including the potential for a strong dental assistant salary.

It takes just 13-weeks to get trained as Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Salary If you would prefer training for a new career in the dental / medical field in less than 2 or 4 years, then consider the Dental Assistant School of Colorado. A trade school like this offers programs that can be completed quickly. You should only need a diploma in high school to attend this school.

Rewarding Work Environment

Have you ever worked outside under the scorching summer heat? Or had a job for food service where you are required to be indoors in a kitchen section which is muddled and hot? It is vital to consider the working environment when selecting a career.
A lot of individuals discover that it is desirable to work as a dental assistant at a dental clinic. Dental offices present comfort, are adequately illuminated, are tidy and organized, and their co-workers are polite and proficient.

The Career Prospects are Excellent

In case you are thinking of another career, it is beneficial to consider the career prospects in that industry. When you are trained as a dental assistant, you join the dental & medical profession which is expected to continue its rapid growth according to Occupational Outlook Handbook which the U.S. Department of Labor has published. The level of expansion in dentistry is anticipated to develop much faster than the average job cataloged in the handbook.

The Dental Assistant Salary is Excellent

Another advantage of selecting a career in this field is that it is possible for you to obtain an excellent dental assistant salary. You can anticipate an income ranging from $22,000 to $44,000 each year depending on your skill level.

Many Dental Assistant Jobs are Available

A lot of students discover that a dental assistant career provides a lot of new prospects for them and that it is a wonderful method of beginning another career. Some dental assistants opt to persist in this career while others choose to utilize this as a method of advancing to a more advanced level.

Dental assistants are able to obtain advanced training to become a dental hygienist; alternatively, they can also advance to be office managers. If you select this career path, then consider joining a training program like ours which is rapid and career focused.

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Dental Assistant – Advantages of This Great Career

What are the advantages of choosing a career as a Dental Assistant?


There are many advantages to pursuing a career assisting in the dental field…

A career as a Dental Assistant gives you the advantage of a high job security. Studies show that this career is among the top 25 fastest growing jobs in the US.  According to the United States Labor Bureau, people working in this field earn a gross annual income of about $34,500 USD on average and some higher end Dental Assistants even make over $47,000 USD per year.

This school makes it is easy to acquire this type of position because you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money enrolling classes at a state college or university. In fact, our trade school offers a short 13-week combined with an internship to quickly earn the states certification while learning in an on-the-job environment.

Dental Assistants have the opportunity to work in a professional environment-controlled dental office. Some dentists have their own dental office and some settings, too, exist wherein a group of dentists shares a single office. Often these offices are very small with a handful of, for the most part, friendly employees, and generally the working atmosphere is very pleasant.

Dental Assistants can develop a range of skills working in this kind of job. The assistant performs some common core responsibilities in this field of work, but job duties may also vary according to each office’s needs.

There are a lot of benefits in choosing to become a Dental Assistant. You can develop a wide set of transferable skills, earn a respectable income, as well as gain much satisfaction from doing this kind of work working in an overall pleasant environment.

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Dental Assisting Graduates

The Dental Assistant School of Colorado would like to congratulate our students on a job well done. You all made a choice to make your life better by starting a new career in the dental assisting field. You are all very special and worked very hard to complete this class.

Dental Assisting

misc1We hope that you all will continue to grow in the dental field and encourage all of you to strive to be the best. We are very proud of our students and wish you all the best of luck in whatever your future holds. This dentist assisting school is a great opportunity!

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Great Opportunity – $50 Discount

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