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A Dental Assistant Career has many Advantages

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The dentistry industry offers a lot of career choices. However, the dental assistant job is one of those in highest demand in the industry. This career choice is one that is recognized; it offers a combination of practical and interpersonal skills.

In the next several years, the demand for dental assistants is expected to increase by 30%. This percentage exceeds the expected growth rate for most of other careers. The following are some reasons why people choose this industry, instead of others.

Surroundings for Work are Excellent

Have you ever worked outdoors under the simmering summer heat? Or worked in the service for food where it is necessary for you to be inside in a kitchen area that is cluttered and hot?

It is important to consider the working environment when choosing a career. Many people find that the work of a dental assistant in a dental clinic has great surroundings.

Dental offices have sufficient light and are uncluttered, with appropriate equipment and furniture. The environment is friendly and comfortable.

Career Opportunities are Very Good

If you are considering a different career, it is helpful to check the career opportunities in that industry. If you are educated as a dental assistant, you become part of an industry which is anticipated to grow.

This is indicated in the Occupational Outlook Handbook that is published by U.S. Department Labor. The rate of growth that is expected for this career, is much more faster in comparison to the average rate for all the jobs listed in the handbook.

The Salary is Excellent

Another benefit of choosing a dental assistant career is that you can earn a rewarding income. Salaries range among $22,000 each year starting to an experienced dental assistant earning $44,000 or more every year.

Many Possibilities are Present for a Dental Assistant

Many students realize that the career of a dental assistant offers many new possibilities for them. Attending trade school is a great way of starting into this as a different career. Some choose to work in dental assisting while others opt to begin as an assistant before moving on to another career.

It is possible for dental assistants to get higher training and become dental hygienists. On the other hand, they can even strive to become office managers. If you choose this career, then consider being part of a learning program that concentrates on the career. Make sure that the educational institution has a good reputation with an internship.

Are you ready for an exciting new career? If so, then take advantage of this opportunity and get a spot in our next dental assisting class while there is still room… Email or call (970) 372-4252 today!

Dr. Paul Bigus

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