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Dental Assisting Career – Perfect Choice?

Choosing a dental assisting career means that you can find a job anywhere in the United States. Dental Assistant jobs are recession-proof since everyone has to have dental work done no matter what the economy looks like.

Dental Assisting Career

Our classes to qualify you for a Dental Assisting Career are direct and straight to the point, no messing around! The program teaches everything from impressions, crowns, instruments etc. Students are attentive and loving every minute of the hands-on experience. We couldn’t be happier with our students, they are all exceptional !

Participants in our program are dedicated, proactive and positive thinkers! We love seeing the growth in our students as they learn the language of dental assisting.

Working in a dental office is considered one of the most rewarding jobs because of the professional work environment, the challenge and variety of daily tasks, and meeting new patients while knowing that you are helping them. The pay is great with most offices offering good benefits.

If you have the motivation and desire to change your life, Email or call (970) 372-4252 today to set up an appointment.

Dr. Paul Bigus

3 thoughts on “Dental Assisting Career – Perfect Choice?

  1. I couldn’t be happier with the education I got from this school 🙂 I am working as a dental assistant and loving it. Thank You !!!

  2. I believe that becoming a dental assistant was the perfect choice for myself. I am so happy that i took this class that I have recommended it to many friends. 🙂

  3. I love this amazing school. I am a couple weeks into the class now and things are going great. Teachers are wonderful and I can’t wait to become a dental assistant

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