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Root Canal Process and Your Dental Assistant

Have you ever wondered what a root canal process is? Have you also thought why is a dental assistant checking the patient instead of the dentist? A dental assistant will check your the patient’s mouth during this process to see how serious the damaged area really is. They will also check for infection of the area because if left unchecked infection can cause swelling and is painful.

Root Canal Process

So how much time does it take for a root canal? Well, that depends on how much damage to the tooth has been done. Normally this process is done in a single visit. There are cases though that will take more than one visit.

If the root canal process does take longer than a single visit it is usually because the patient is in need of a special restoration, a crown, or a complication has occurred. When the process is spread over multiple days, the first day is when the dental assistant will check the damaged area and start the cleaning process. It isn’t until the second day that the actual procedure is done.

The normal single day approach is the most popular. The dental assistant will often help the patient schedule schedule enough time to complete the procedure.

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Dr. Paul Bigus

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